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About Koyote

I was born in El Salvador. In the middle of a civil war, I came to USA under political exile in the mid 80s, where I studied Philosophy, poetry, shamanism, yoga, and magick.

I currently share the insights and technologies from Toltec shamanism, Magick, and Tantra--from whose lineages I have trained and serve. I share through personal training, artistic creations, and public lectures.

I am an hablador and my art is the Telling. The Telling is an art of immediacy. The experience is direct and in the moment and is not mediated. It's experiential. There are no scripts, no agenda, no indoctrination! This is the sound that MAKES. Where a traditional storyteller leaves a moral, I, the hablador, deconstruct cultural icons. I don't worry about entertaining. I am not concerned about whether the story delights or offends. I only aim to bring something through from another world.

About Xicoco


Xicoco Shamanic Arts (XSA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to maintaining and ensuring accessibility of the prolific teachings and artistic work of Koyote the Blind.

The name “Xicoco” comes from the ancient Nahautl language and means beehive. XSA operates much like a beehive in that everyone does their work without a static or commanding hierarchy. Similar to the bees gathering pollen, the XSA community gathers Koyote’s sacred teachings forming the honeycomb which provides the nutrients that maintain the community, and when shared, everyone benefits from this powerful nutrient.



Promote, preserve and make available the teachings and sacred art of Koyote the Blind for the benefit of humanity.

XSA’s mission is met through various methods, including, but not limited to, workshops, lectures, writings, artistic expressions and creations, and spiritual/religious activities. This also includes the pre-conquest history, teachings, and spiritual/religious activities of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

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